In Response to James Comey’s NYT Op-Ed

I would venture to say that Barr is not the exception, he is the rule. Perhaps the first class of Trump supplicants could plead ignorance, perhaps they could say they thought he would become “more presidential” once he became acclimated to his position. That ship has sailed at this point. Those who are currently employed by Trump and especially aspirators who hope to be one day, are not good people.

Why Hitler, Candace?

This whole exchange begs the question, why then did she bring up Hitler in the first place? If her message was to extol the positive virtues of nationalism, and then say Hitler wasn’t a nationalist, why bring him up in the first place? Why not find a positive historical example of of a nationalist leader?

So What Has Changed Now That the Mueller Report is Complete?

Except for the chorus of insufferable bloviation from right-wing commentators who somehow believe this all but assures Trump’s victory in 2020. This is laughable on its face. Trump’s claim of vindication does not change a damn thing about the following:

Is Donald Trump the First Hyperreal President?

Perhaps the most glaringly obvious clue of the hyperreality of Donald Trump, is that on those occasions when the veneer has been lifted due to his own self-contradicting statements and actions, his supporters are either unable or unwilling to reconcile the conflict; moreover, they react with violent cognitive dissonance. It is simply more comfortable to them to pretend it never happened then to look past the curtain and see that their great and all-powerful wizard is nothing more than a sad, old charlatan.

The Truth About Russia is Found in the Lies About Russia

If was no conspiracy, or collusion if you prefer, why the lies? Why is everybody surrounding Donald Trump lying about Russia if there is nothing about Russia? The only logical reason is because the truth is far more perilous.

Republican God Gains Exciting New Powers

Apparently the Republican God, once powerless to intercede in U.S. presidential politics, is now taking credit for ensuring that Donald Trump became president.

The GOP’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True

The shutdown taught many of us how much we actually need the government, but we need it to function properly. We need it to be properly funded, and we need it to be properly led.

Yes, You Can Be Impeached

If evidence exists that a President — ANY PRESIDENT — engaged in bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors, impeachment is a duty of the House of Representatives. It is not a matter of convenience or political expediency, it is a constitutional imperative.

Donald Trump’s Amazing Verbal Goulash

Donald Trump may have promised us that he has “the best words” but he apparently forget to mention that those words are often jumbled up they make no sense at all.  Seriously, this guy has served up enough word salad to provide the entire country with enough dietary fiber to ensure a decade’s worth of healthy bowel movements.

Is The NY Times Op-Ed a Literary Reichstag Fire?

This op-ed does not constitute loyal opposition, nor does it represent patriotic intent.  It is, if legitimate, a confession of sedition and implication of co-conspirators. It will be used by the Trump administration to justify new, abrupt and draconian measures to silence dissent both within and outside of the White House, no different than the Reichstag Fire was used by the Nazi Party to do the same.  The constant mantra of the media being the  “enemy of the people” which Trump has been chanting since the nascent days of his administration, now has even greater salience within his core of followers and catamites within congress.

Putin Denies Missile Video Targets Florida: He is Lying

Does Putin think we are that stupid?  Are we to believe him and not our own eyes? It is fully within Putin’s character to lie easily and without compunction.  As a former spymaster and KGB agent, he has been well trained to do just that.

Russia’s Strategy for November 2018

So know this republicans, Russians did not attack democrats, they attacked Americans, they attacked the very system which put you in power.  Putin’s goal is not a convenient gift to you, it is your county’s destruction.  You need to wake up and come to the table, because you are most likely the next target.

Yes, We Are a Republic — Also, We Have a Democracy

A republic and democracy are not mutually exclusive.  It defies logic to say “We are not a democracy, we are a republic”; it belies any semblance of understanding of what a republic or what democracy actually is.

The Word of the Day is: Kakistocracy

The United States is currently a kakistocracy… Trump, as President, is an outcome of a process that was started decades ago, but that is the subject of another article for a later date.  I am going to blame the Senate, the Republican Party, and the right-wing media for this state of affairs.

Trump’s Tax Cuts are Driving Us Off a Cliff

Has this tax plan really met the benchmark of an “economic miracle”, or is it more like a ticking economic time-bomb which will detonate years from now so Trump and his financial acolytes can deny any responsibility and most blame what ever president is left holding the bag? My money is on the latter, because so far the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has been a complete disaster.

Zara’s Weird and Wild Connection with Fascism

the Blackshirts, were the paramilitary militia charged with maintaining the brutal internal order of the citizenry.  Their motto, Me Ne Frego which was taken from a song  and literally translates to “I don’t care”. 
Zara has now an established history of quasi-cryptic fascist and far-right symbols embedded on their clothes. 

It’s The Fight That Matters

Politically, it also does not matter if the Democrats are ever successful at acquiring these documents. For every objection and every motion to quash and indeed every tweet decrying the injustice of it all and how it is just “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” or a “WITCH HUNT”, for every attempt at obstruction; the President looks more Nixonian, more corrupt and more guilty to the typical American voter.