Why Resist?

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Because acceptance is not an option.

Doing nothing is easy when you are satisfied with the status quo.  When you wake up in the morning and the world around is what you hoped for, it is easy to go on with your day and hope tomorrow is the same.  I can no longer be satisfied with the status quo.  Since the day Donald Trump was elected, I have watched the country move in a direction I am not satisfied with, I do not want to wake up tomorrow in the same world I woke up to today.  I want to make changes for the better, and if I cannot change it, I want the record to show that I have tied.


Truth be told, my life is not bad.  I have a job doing what I enjoy and I earn a decent living doing it.  I am going to school, hoping to fulfill dream of earning a doctorate in psychology. My life has gone on relatively unchanged since Donald Trump was elected.

So, why resist?

Because the alternative to resistance is acceptance.  I can no longer accept what is going on in the country I love.  The nonstop demagoguery, the constant attacks on the truth, the pillorying of the press and the media, the indulgence of the worst aspects of society, the gaslighting, the propaganda, the promotion of injustice and attempted dissemblance of the institutions which have made America what she is.

So, you think a blog will change the world?

No, of course not.   But I intend to do my part to abrogate the disinformation.  My voice, along with the voices of others, can help to spread actual facts, not the alternative ones.  I want to open the windows and let out the fog, I want to let the Bellas of the world know that the gaslights are dimming because Jack is searching for the jewels.

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