It’s The Fight That Matters

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The unredacted Special Counsel Report, tax returns, Deutsche Bank records, Inaugural Committee records; the Democrats who now control the House want it all, and for good reason. For the first time in Donald Trump’s tenure as President, someone is finally holding him accountable, and it is long past due.

Of course, on all of these fronts, Trump is simultaneously maintaining that he has done nothing wrong and is not worried about a thing, while fighting tooth and nail to prevent any successful inquiry into his actions. What is he hiding? Maybe nothing, maybe evidence of a decades long affiliations with multinational organized crime syndicates, maybe that he simply is not as rich as he has claimed; nobody knows and honestly it does not matter.

Politically, it also does not matter if the Democrats are ever successful at acquiring these documents. For every objection and every motion to quash and indeed every tweet decrying the injustice of it all and how it is just “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” or a “WITCH HUNT“, for every attempt at obstruction; the President looks more Nixonian, more corrupt and more guilty to the typical American voter.

This type of fierce legal exposition is not something that Trump is used to, he has literally skirted the enforcement of the law for decades. In the past, he could simply throw lawyers at the problem, counter-accuse and counter-sue his way out. In civil matters, legal team would file motion after motion in order to make the opposing side so overwhelmed they simply could not keep up responses, in criminal cases he has simply negotiated to pay cash fines to avoid prosecution at this point, it will be difficult to find the number of lawyers required to fend off each prong ot this multi-fronted attack. Although he has the money for it, since he has no problem using campaign contributions for his legal defense.

Of course this will not sway Trump’s most loyal core of supporters, but it sure will scare away the fence sitters. Seeing as how his most recent poll numbers are showing a near 14 points of inverted approval, he should be doing everything possible to grow his base.

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