In Response to James Comey’s NYT Op-Ed

I would venture to say that Barr is not the exception, he is the rule. Perhaps the first class of Trump supplicants could plead ignorance, perhaps they could say they thought he would become “more presidential” once he became acclimated to his position. That ship has sailed at this point. Those who are currently employed by Trump and especially aspirators who hope to be one day, are not good people.

It’s The Fight That Matters

Politically, it also does not matter if the Democrats are ever successful at acquiring these documents. For every objection and every motion to quash and indeed every tweet decrying the injustice of it all and how it is just “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” or a “WITCH HUNT”, for every attempt at obstruction; the President looks more Nixonian, more corrupt and more guilty to the typical American voter.

The Truth About Russia is Found in the Lies About Russia

If was no conspiracy, or collusion if you prefer, why the lies? Why is everybody surrounding Donald Trump lying about Russia if there is nothing about Russia? The only logical reason is because the truth is far more perilous.

Republican God Gains Exciting New Powers

Apparently the Republican God, once powerless to intercede in U.S. presidential politics, is now taking credit for ensuring that Donald Trump became president.

The GOP’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True

The shutdown taught many of us how much we actually need the government, but we need it to function properly. We need it to be properly funded, and we need it to be properly led.