Republican God Gains Exciting New Powers

Apparently the Republican God, once powerless to intercede in U.S. presidential politics, is now taking credit for ensuring that Donald Trump became president.

The GOP’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True

The shutdown taught many of us how much we actually need the government, but we need it to function properly. We need it to be properly funded, and we need it to be properly led.

It’s Not Just The Al Franken Thing…

I suppose my point is this: If you don’t want to support Kirsten Gillibrand because of what happened to Al Franken, that is fine; but there are plenty of other reasons to throw your support to other candidates as well.

Yes, You Can Be Impeached

If evidence exists that a President — ANY PRESIDENT — engaged in bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors, impeachment is a duty of the House of Representatives. It is not a matter of convenience or political expediency, it is a constitutional imperative.

Donald Trump’s Amazing Verbal Goulash

Donald Trump may have promised us that he has “the best words” but he apparently forget to mention that those words are often jumbled up they make no sense at all.  Seriously, this guy has served up enough word salad to provide the entire country with enough dietary fiber to ensure a decade’s worth of healthy bowel movements.

Is The NY Times Op-Ed a Literary Reichstag Fire?

This op-ed does not constitute loyal opposition, nor does it represent patriotic intent.  It is, if legitimate, a confession of sedition and implication of co-conspirators. It will be used by the Trump administration to justify new, abrupt and draconian measures to silence dissent both within and outside of the White House, no different than the Reichstag Fire was used by the Nazi Party to do the same.  The constant mantra of the media being the  “enemy of the people” which Trump has been chanting since the nascent days of his administration, now has even greater salience within his core of followers and catamites within congress.