The Word of the Day is: Kakistocracy

The United States is currently a kakistocracy… Trump, as President, is an outcome of a process that was started decades ago, but that is the subject of another article for a later date.  I am going to blame the Senate, the Republican Party, and the right-wing media for this state of affairs.

Trump’s Tax Cuts are Driving Us Off a Cliff

Has this tax plan really met the benchmark of an “economic miracle”, or is it more like a ticking economic time-bomb which will detonate years from now so Trump and his financial acolytes can deny any responsibility and most blame what ever president is left holding the bag? My money is on the latter, because so far the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has been a complete disaster.

Zara’s Weird and Wild Connection with Fascism

the Blackshirts, were the paramilitary militia charged with maintaining the brutal internal order of the citizenry.  Their motto, Me Ne Frego which was taken from a song  and literally translates to “I don’t care”. 
Zara has now an established history of quasi-cryptic fascist and far-right symbols embedded on their clothes. 

We Keep Getting Suicide Wrong

With two recent, high profile, deaths by suicide, awareness on the dangers of depression is peaking as would be expected.